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The Difference Between Device And Gadget

The privacy settings are also a lot simpler to understand, more robust, and better laid out than on Chrome. And since using the new Edge browser, I’ve noticed a couple of things I like better than Chrome. That said, Microsoft needs to work on making it easier to find the extensions you want.

Right now, Microsoft positions the official Edge extension library as the primary way to get extensions, and some of my extensions aren’t available there. It looks and feels a lot like Chrome, and switching is painless.

Apple Safari

Microsoft’s biggest obstacle will be combatting Google’s incredible and far-reaching ecosystem. In many ways, Edge is more or less a Chrome doppelganger, but with a couple of little extras that can plant the seed of considering switching. It’s worth a shot, if just for the clearer and more robust privacy settings and the reduced impact on your computer’s RAM. On Chrome, the closest privacy setting I could find to Edge’s "strict" option is blocking third-party cookies, and that didn’t seem to have any effect on ads.

Managing privacy on Edge is much easier than it is on Chrome. Edge’s privacy settings are well laid out and do a better job of telling you what it’s doing on the privacy front and how it could affect your experience.

  • This process will delete any data located on your selected drive, it is highly recommended to do a backup of any irreplaceable data located on the selected drive.
  • John develops and publishes instructional and informational content regarding partition management, Windows hot-fixes, data management and computer troubleshooting.
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On the "strict" privacy setting in Edge, which blocks most trackers on sites, some sites have asked me to disable my ad blocker. The thing is I don’t have an ad blocker installed on Edge.

And Google search is better integrated with other Google services I use, like YouTube. I opened up my laptop one day and completely forgot I was using Microsoft’s new Edge browser instead of Chrome. But for the first time, I’ve stuck with a different browser — Microsoft’s new Edge, an upgrade from the browser of the same name that launched with Windows 10 in 2015 — for more than a day. In fact, I’ve stuck with the new Edge for almost two months since I installed it on launch day, January 15. I’ve been using Microsoft’s new Edge web browser for almost two months, and though I’ve used Google Chrome for several years, I’ve barely even noticed a difference.

After all, it’s built on the same web-browsing platform, called Chromium, that Google used at the core of Chrome too. I actually tried using Microsoft’s Bing — the default search engine in Edge — but after a while, I reverted back to the Google search engine. Bing results were overall quite good, but Google still can’t be beat.

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